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The objective of policy of JSC Octopus in the realm of quality

The policy of JSC "Octopus" in the field of quality:

* developed taking into account the mission and strategic goals of PJSC GAZPROM, documented and approved by the General Director;

* contains priority areas of activity and development of JSC "Octopus";

* is the basis for setting Quality Goals and analyzing the results of their achievement.

The Policy is brought to the attention of the organization's staff by:

* conducting explanatory work with the staff, including during meetings,

internal audits, etc.;

• placing copies of the documented Policy on the premises of the organization;

* distribution of a scanned copy of a documented Policy using automation tools (e-mail, corporate portal, official website on the Internet, etc.);

• training of personnel in the field of quality management.

Newly hired employees are introduced to the Policy when applying for a job.

The responsibility for bringing the Policy to the attention of the staff is

Representative of the quality management .

Periodically (at least once a year), the Director General analyzes the compliance of the Policy with the needs of consumers, interests and goals of the organization.

When publishing a new version of the PRK Policy:

* organizes the withdrawal of copies of the previous version of the Policy;

* provides the organization's divisions with a new version of the Policy;

* organizes staff familiarization with the new version of the Policy.

When issuing a new version of the Policy, the PRK organizes a meeting of the organization's management to review the Quality Objectives.

For more than 10 years, the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system (occupational safety and labor protection) have been supported in JSC Octopus in relation to design in the oil and gas industry, reconstruction and overhaul of capital construction facilities, provision of services in the oil and gas industry, and geophysical research. These management systems of Octopus JSC are certified for compliance with the requirements of international standards (respectively) ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018.

The quality management system of JSC "Octopus" has been functioning for more than 8 years in accordance with the requirements of the industry standard STO Gazprom 9001. In 2020, the quality management system of JSC "Octopus" was re-certified in the SDS Intergazsert, 04.06.2021, a certificate of compliance with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001-2018 was issued in relation to these types of activities.

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