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The top management strives to provide the company's employees with safe and healthy working conditions to prevent occupational injuries and damage to their health in the course of conducting Octopus JSC business activities, including:
· when conducting geophysical research;

· when providing services in the oil and gas industry (hereinafter - NGI);

· when performing reconstruction and major repairs of capital construction facilities;

· when providing engineering and technical design services in NGI.

In accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001:2018, Octopus JSC has developed, implemented and is constantly improving the occupational health and safety management system.

The top management of JSC "Octopus" undertakes:

* comply with the requirements of Russian legislation and other mandatory requirements in the field of PZiB, including customer requirements;

* eliminate hazards and reduce risks in the field of PSiB;

* consult with employees on issues in the field of PZiB and ensure the participation of employees and their representatives (if any) in solving issues in the field of PZiB.

The purpose of JSC "Octopus" in the field of PZiB: to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees of JSC "Octopus".

To achieve this Goal in the field of PSiB, JSC "Octopus" plans and implements the following activities (but is not limited to):

* Development and maintenance of the necessary instructions on PSiB issues;

* training and testing of employees' knowledge on PSiB issues;

* ensuring safety during operation of the equipment;

* providing employees with personal protective equipment;

* monitoring employees' compliance with the requirements in the field of PZiB.

General manager
D.V. Ponomarenko
January 21, 2019

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