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+7 (8512) 484-444

On weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00

The economic block

Development, evaluation and coordination of economic and financial documents, calculations and standards in the company are carried out by the Economic Department, which also takes a direct part in economic planning.

The work is carried out in two main directions:

1. Development and analysis of the execution of the company's business plan

Within the framework of this direction, the financial and economic performance of “Octopus” company is constantly monitored; annual business plan is revised and adjusted for a three-year period, including mandatory external and internal analysis, and risk analysis.

2. Development of economic documentation for internal and external customers

- Development of investment projects, their evaluation and agreement on any type of activity;

- Organization of work on the analysis of production and economic activities of enterprises, identification of reserves of growth and achievement of key performance indicators;

- Assessment of the effectiveness of research and development, maintenance at all stages of passage, coordination and implementation;

- Development of economic standards and assistance in the development of technical and technological standards (on economic issues);

- Multiparametric analysis of project sensitivity to external and internal factors.

The main, permanent and prospective customers in these areas of activity are “Gazprom” PJSC and its subsidiary companies.

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