АО «ОКТОПУС» Контакты:
Адрес: проспект Губернатора Анатолия Гужвина, 10А 414014 Астрахань,
Телефон:+7 (8512) 484-444, Факс:+7 (8512) 484-444, Электронная почта: office_astra@octopusgaz.ru
Russia. Astrakhan
Prospect Gub. A. Guzhvin, 10 "A"

+7 (8512) 484-444

On weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00


"Octopus" JSC carries out production and economic activities in the following areas:

- engineering and technical design in the oil and gas industry;

- reconstruction and overhaul of capital construction objects;

- provision of services in the oil and gas industry;

- reclamation of contaminated and disturbed lands;

- geophysical research.

The fundamental principle of the environmentalpolicy of "Octopus" JSC isenvironmental safety arrangements of the services provided to the customer.

The aims of the environmental policy of “Octopus” JSC is ensuring the acceptable level of impact of the operating and economic activities of “Octopus”JSC on the environment.

Achievement of the set goals is performed by solving the following tasks:

- compliance with the requirements of international, national and industry standards, norms and regulations in the field of ecology;

- development of new, environmentally efficient technologies (approaches, methods) for neutralizing the drilling wastes and chemical reclamation of land;

- development of new, environmentally efficient technologies (approaches, methods) in the field of capital construction, major repairs and well abandonment, as well as the development of oil wells and mixtures used for this purpose;

- continuous improvement of the environmental management system meeting the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 international standard;

- raising the level of environmental knowledge and responsibility of the department heads and other employees of "Octopus" JSC for ensuring environmental safety when providing services to the customer;

- monitoring the negative impact of environmental aspects of "Octopus" JSC on the environment when providing services to the customer, as well as minimizing the negative impact where possible and economically feasible.

The management and staff of "Octopus" JSC undertake a commitment of Environmental Policy implementation and consider it a guarantee of environmental safety assurance of the services provided to the customer.

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